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Awning windows are similar to a casement window that is turned on its side except that they have very different and special hardware. This special hardware allows the window to be hinged at the top and open towards the outside from the bottom.

Awning windows can actually provide some protection from the rain in the open position just like an 'awning'. Awning windows can be combined with Casement windows and Picture windows to create dramatic sightlines and combination windows.

The Energy King Platinum Series

  • New - Exclusive Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology
  • Double Strength insulated Low-E with Argon Gas Glass sealed with Super Spacer technology
  • Dual Lock Actuators - Secures the sash
  • Operator - The operator handle folds down to minimize interference with draperies and blinds
  • Full Fusion Welded Frame Corners - Provide strength and rigidity.
  • Full Fusion Welded Sash Corners - Provide stability for the sash structure. 
  • Extruded screen with Better Vue screening (provides improved visibility, enhanced insect performance, air flow and light transmission)
  • Meets Energy Star specifications.
  • Optional Triple Pane Glass to increase Energy efficiency.

Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology works 24/7

to reduce air drafts, moisture, dirt and insects from entering around your Energy King windows.  
Our patented Zipper Seal material has been independently tested and shows a 24% improvement
compared to the competition.


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