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Bays & Bows

All of these styles project into the outdoors and create additional space and dimension within your room. A handcrafted 'dimensional projection window' utilizing only the very finest raw materials.

The frames of the window and also the head and seat board are constructed using only the most expensive 9 ply, Grade-A, hardwood plywood. The mullion posts between the windows in the unit are not only structural, but they are also totally filled with energy efficient die-cut EPS foam.

Each and every unit is handcrafted from start to finish, from your exact dimensions using your specific configurations. Get total control over quality in-house, ensuring a perfect window for you and your home.

The Energy King
Bay & Bow Series

  • Fusion Welded Construction - Provides strength and rigidity. ¬†Engineered mulling system for multiple unit design.
  • 7/8 Dual Glazed Double Strength Glass - Insulating glass with Low-E Argon Gas and Super Spacer for the best R-Value in its class.
  • 1 1/8 Head & Seat Board
  • Weather Resistant - Factory applied vinyl skin on the exterior of the head & seat boards.
  • Cable Support System - Secures window structure to frame of house for strength and stability.
  • Wall Thickness of 6 Inches.
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