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Casement Windows

Energy efficiency, aesthetic beauty, security and utility are all offered. Casement windows are revered as some of the finest in design and style.

These windows "crank out", acting like a door on a hinge. Casements open outward to either the left or the right. They can be joined together(mulled), and it is not uncommon to see "double" casements, and "triple" casement combinations.

The Energy King Platinum Series
Casement Windows

Casement Windows Feature:

  • Fully welded sash & frames
  • Energy Efficient 7/8" Dual Pane Insulated Glass Units
  • Bulb (refrigerator-type) Seals
  • Stepped frame for a superior seal
  • Multi-Point Locking mechanisms
  • Full screen
  • Optional Triple Pane Glass to increase Energy efficiency.


Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology works 24/7
to reduce air drafts, moisture, dirt and insects from entering around your Energy King windows.  
Our patented Zipper Seal material has been independently tested and shows a 24% improvement
compared to the competition.


Available Options:

  • Choice of Two Interior Wood grain finishes
  • Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology
  • Triple Pane Insulated Glass Units

Quality Windows From A Quality Company

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