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Double Hung

No window combines style and function quite like the Double Hung.   It is the traditional American window.

The Double Hung window consists of two "sashes", one on top and one on the bottom... that slide up and down as well as tilt in for easy cleaning.

The sliding action is made possible by stainless steel coil springs (Constant Force Balance System) which support the weight of each sash.   The bottom (inside) sash is primarily used for opening the window, although the top (outside) sash can also be slid downward for ventilation.

All Double Hung windows are custom-made to your exact needs...down to 1/8".   These windows are available with glass options which will meet rigid Energy Star requirements in all 50 states.




The Energy King Platinum Series

  • New - Exclusive Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology
  • Double Strength insulated Low-E with Argon Gas Glass sealed with Super Spacer technology
  • True Sloped Sill construction for ease of cleaning & positive drainage
  • Sill Extension with dual durometer for ease of installation
  • Extruded 1/2 screen with Better Vue screening (provides improved visibility, enhanced insect performance, air flow and light transmission)
  • Rigid Aluminum sash reinforcement
  • Constant Balance System made with high yield stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Energy Efficient Foamed Profiles
  • Double locks included on windows over 28" wide
  • Balance Covers
  • Meets Energy Star specifications
  • Optional Triple Pane Glass to increase Energy efficiency.

Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology works 24/7
to reduce air drafts, moisture, dirt and insects from entering around your Energy King windows.  
Our patented Zipper Seal material has been independently tested and shows a 24% improvement
compared to the competition.