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Sliding Patio Doors

The self-proclaimed heavyweight champion of patio doors. It's sturdy construction contrasts with the minimal force required to slide the panels open.

The right patio door can be a critical component for a very busy traffic area of your home. For this area you want to make sure that you are buying quality and reliability.

We have a smooth-rolling door which even the smallest and weakest of us can operate easily! It literally glides with fingertip ease.

A patio door must be easy to operate, but is also needs to be very secure. With a keyed lock set, and a kick lock, We have 2 totally separate locking points to ensure your family's security.

By the way, each and every Patio Door is custom-made specifically to your dimensions and requirements.

The Energy King
All Vinyl Patio Door

Features and Benefits:

  • All vinyl, multi-chamber profile design for superior insulating properties for your comfort and energy savings.
  • Mechanically fastened aluminum reinforced door panels for rigidity and strength.
  • Standard sizes available:  5, 6 or 8' width by 6'8" or 8'0" height.
  • AAMA certified zinc-plated, double tandem steel rollers for durability and smooth, effortless sliding.
  • Corrosion-resistant, anodized-aluminum tracks for ongoing, smooth gliding operation.
  • Full perimeter triple layer weather stripping for excellent air and water tightness.
  • Standard Prestige handle (with lock and key upgrade)
  • Heavy-duty screen with heavy-gauge extruded aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh for solid frame and smooth operation.
  • Specially-designed fabrication equipment combined with some of the most efficient manufacturing processes ensure that the fit, finish and functionality of the sliding patio door is of the highest quality.